Imagine a


world without allergies

Desentum’s mission is to expand the use of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) world-wide by introducing novel, effective, safe and patient-friendly AIT products that are well-documented and approved by the regulatory authorities. Our lead development programs include treatments for birch pollen, grass pollen and peanut allergies.

Desentum’s products are investigational and not approved for marketing in any region.


Our immunotherapeutic products consist of recombinant allergens specifically modified to suppress the histamine release during the desensitization process. They can significantly reduce the risk of serious adverse effects and the time required for immunotherapy.


Desentum is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel types of allergen immunotherapy products that actually change the way the immune system reacts to allergens. We have a unique technology that can lead to major improvements in the future treatment of allergies.