Pekka Mattila conferred as Honorary Doctor at the University of Eastern Finland

Jun 10, 2024

Pekka Mattila, CEO of Desentum was conferred as Honorary Doctor at the University of Eastern Finland on Jun 7, 2024. The Faculty of Science, Forestry and Technology stated the following:

In 2011, Pekka Mattila and researchers from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Eastern Finland and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland founded Desentum Oy, a company that develops next-generation allergy vaccines for immunotherapy, and Mattila has been the company’s CEO ever since. He has distinguished himself especially in the development of innovations in chemistry and biotechnology, and in driving business in the field. In 1986, Mattila founded Finnzymes, a biotechnology company that focused on the research and production of DNA modifying enzymes, and on their use in molecular diagnostics. He served as the CEO of Finnzymes Oy until 2010, when the company was acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Mattila has also served as a board member of Herantis Pharma Oyj and Mobidiag Oy, and as a member of the Finnish Research and Innovation Council.

Currently, Mattila chairs the board of Aiforia Oyj and is a board member of Tilt Biotherapeutics Oy and Oy Medix Biochemica Ab. A factory of Medix Biochemica’s subsidiary, Actim Oy, which manufactures rapid tests for the healthcare sector, is located in Joensuu.

Honorary doctor is a title that can be awarded to an individual who has made significant contributions to scientific research or demonstrated exceptional accomplishments outside the academic world.