First-in-Human clinical study with DM-101 paused due to corona virus pandemic

Mar 26, 2020

Clinical study initiated in January 2020 with birch pollen hypoallergen DM-101 was suspended in March. The main reason for suspension is that the corona virus epidemic has brought about restrictions in the operations at the study site.

In January, Desentum initiated a First-in-Human clinical study with the birch pollen hypoallergen DM-101. The primary objective of the single-center study is to gain information about the safety and tolerability of DM-101 in adults with birch pollen allergy. A decision was made in March to suspend the study for the time being. The restrictions imposed on the operations of the study center due to the corona virus epidemic prevented the continuation of dosing as well as recruiting new study subjects at this time. Regardless of the epidemic, the plan was to suspend the study for the pollen season, but in the current circumstances the decision was made a bit earlier. Desentum aims to continue the study when the situation allows it.